A holiday read aloud for you

At Calgary Reads, we know the importance and joy that a ‘Read Aloud’ can bring.  Please gather your family, and enjoy our gift to you:  The “Gift of Nothing’ by Patrick McDonnell, as read by Steacy Collyer, Executive Director of Calgary Reads. We wish you a wonderful holiday season.

This holiday season we invite you to give the gift of reading to the many Calgary children who have no books of their own. Read our latest blogs (links below) to learn more about our annual campaign and find the perfect gift at give.calgaryreads.com.

Together we can help shift the book imbalance in Calgary. Thank you for your generous support.

How can we help families support reading at home?

How can the community help struggling readers like Avery?

Will Blake be reading by grade 3?

How will Nora learn to read without books?