Staff Contact

Steacy Collyer
Executive Director
Are you interested in creating positive change in literacy outcomes for children by mobilizing business, education and community to care and act together with ingenuity? Me too. Reach out to me if you are passionate about early literacy and leadership. Connect if you want to learn more about the growing the Alberta Reads Network and the First 2000 Days Network. Please email me to set up a conversation. We would love to show you around our world!
Dawn Cruickshank
People Manager
Whether you need volunteer information, are looking to book office space or have a quick question, I am happy to help you find the Calgary Reads information that you are looking for.
Aditya Banerjee
Director of Research
Talk to me if you are interested in having a conversation about literacy research, policy and the evaluation of our initiatives.
Nicole Lukach
Director of Marketing
Talk to me about creating a force for positive action in children’s literacy outcomes.
Henna Vierto
House Mother
Talk to me about the Calgary Reads Childrenès Reading Place. You can book a visit with me, or learn more about this latest initiative.
Donelle Watson
Talk to me about the Calgary Reads Big Book Sale,  accounting, and general finances.
Lee Ann Lyness
Literacy Coach
Talk to me about working with the Calgary Catholic School District, Foothills School District and CBE schools.
Jane Skeans
Early Years Coordinator
Talk to me about early childhood development, the First 2000 Days Coalitions, Doctors Prescribing Reading and Block Party Play Dates.
 Allison Colpitts
Team Assistant
Talk to me about Little Free Libraries and any general questions about Calgary Reads.