Building children’s literacy skills across Alberta

Join the Alberta Reads Network

Reading matters. It builds brains, grows confidence and enhances communities. But literacy doesn’t just happen. It takes a community to build readers.

At the Alberta Reads Network, we work with schools, educators, volunteers, researchers and community partners across Alberta to offer programs, events and resources to encourage a passion for reading at every age. Our early literacy network inspires children to read with confidence and joy by Grade 3.

Becoming a Chapter

Teachers work hard. From the challenges of managing a classroom to the changing reading landscape, teachers are able to build a classroom of readers when they have the support to do just that. As a member of Alberta’s literacy network, teachers and schools are empowered with the right resources and support to more effectively meet the needs of their students.

It’s easy to become a Chapter of the Alberta Reads Network.

To become a Chapter of the Alberta Reads Network or for more information, submit one of the school applications below or contact Steacy Collyer at (403) 777-8254 or


Chapter Sponsorship Letter (Business)

Chapter Sponsorship Letter (School Councils)

Alberta-Reads-Network-Chapter----chart-image*To have a successful program, each school needs to identify a contact person to coordinate with the Alberta Reads Network and lead school programming.