Help shift the book balance in Calgary.

Kids need access to books to grow into great readers.

Because more books in homes means better reading scores at school and, more children who will grow to love reading! In collaboration with the Calgary Food Bank we are getting books into the hands of children who would love to own their very own!

You can help!

Donate new and gently-used books for children aged 0 – 8 to Calgary Reads Book Bank. Please keep in mind the books you give will become another child’s treasure. Only give books printed in the last 10 years that are of a high quality and in very good condition. We cannot accept books that are tattered, scribbled on, or missing covers.

We also accept donations at: Calgary Reads, 105, 105 – 12 Ave SE Calgary.  Mon-Fri ● 9:00am – 4:00 pm. Please bring your donations of books inmanageably -sized boxes as opposed to bags or bins that you need returned to you at the time of drop-off.

Cash donations can also go to purchasing books for Calgary Children and our partnerships with Book Publishers and Distributors turn one dollar into much more.

Our free Book Drive Kit provides information and customizable flyers and posters for you to use:

Volunteer. Lead a book drive with your family, friends, community or work colleagues. And, soon we will train book sorters too. Be in touch with us to explore how you can help. Contact: