Literacy and language

The first 2000 days are crucial.

Read, sing, talk, play, love. These are the building blocks to literacy for newborns through to kindergarten-aged children. But the tools for developing literacy start even earlier. The 2000 days between conception and kindergarten age are a time of rapid brain development, setting the tone for a lifetime of reading, thinking and learning. Calgary Reads is backing the “First 2000 Days Network” which focuses on supporting optimal development during this crucial time period.

Doctors are giving books to babies.

Family doctors in Calgary and staff at Rockyview General Hospital are involved in a pilot project that sees them handing books and literacy resources to new parents. These medical professionals are telling parents about the importance of reading aloud to their children. We hope to expand the program and provide doctors with age-appropriate books to keep up the “reading aloud conversation” with parents as their children grow.