CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale
May 12th -14th, 2017

What is the history of the sale? 2017 will be the 15th Big Book Sale. Our first sale was in 2002 with sorting in the CBC lobby and the sale in tents in the parking lot at the rear of the building.  Our little book sale has grown into a huge event and is now held at the Calgary Curling Club.  We are grateful to CBC for continuing to be our partner.

What is the Big Book Sale? It is the biggest sale of gently used books in Calgary and the biggest recycle/reuse event in the city! In 2016 through the generosity of Calgarians and 5000 hours of work by our amazing volunteers, over 100,000 books were sorted and sold, earning over $300,000.

Who receives the proceeds of the sale? The proceeds go to Calgary Reads to support our literacy programs.  Calgary Reads is a Calgary-based non-profit organization that was incorporated in 2001 as an early-literacy initiative.  Today, we are a multifaceted reading movement focused on childhood literacy in Calgary and throughout Alberta.

Are all of the books used and sold or are they thrown out? We are grateful for the books we receive and we pride ourselves on offering high quality used books at a fair price to Calgarians during our sale.  Some of the books we receive are not up to the standard we set for our sale. We are fortunate to have Progressive Waste as a corporate partner. They supply recycling bins to the Book Sale and pick up the bins periodically throughout the event.  Books not used for the sale are recycled, not sent to the landfill.

What happens to the books left over after the sale? We invite over 50 community partners and Little Free Library stewards to our “Unsold” event, which is held after the Book Sale. These groups are welcome to take as many books as they like at no charge.  So, as well as funding our literacy programs, we are able to provide books to agencies that also provide literacy opportunities in Calgary.

For the last several years we have partnered with organizations that have either taken or purchased the books remaining after our “Unsold” event. The books are either donated or re-sold to other agencies that use the books.

How do I donate my books? Please visit the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale Donation page for more information. CBC Calgary does not accept book donations.

Where is the Book Sale held? At the Calgary Curling Club, 720-3rd St. NW, just off Memorial Drive.

When is the Book Sale? Please visit the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale page for more information on sale dates, prices and admission.

Do you need volunteers? Please visit the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale Volunteer page for more information on sale dates, prices, and admission.


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