What is the Children’s Reading Place?

The Calgary Reads Children’s Reading Place, located in a colourful, welcoming heritage house in Inglewood, is dedicated to supporting children’s literacy by providing interactive literacy experiences and free books to children in the Calgary area.

Where is the Children’s Reading Place located?

The Children’s Reading Place is located by the Bow River in Inglewood and easily accessible by public transport. Due to restrictions in our permit, we cannot advertise the location. You will receive the address when you sign up to visit.

When is it open?

Starting July 1, 2017 it will be open to the public by appointment only Thursday to Saturday each week.

Appointment Times:
  • Friday: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • Friday: 1:00-3:00 PM
  • Friday: 4:00-6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00-11:00 AM
  • Saturday: 11:30 AM-1:30 PM
  • Saturday: 2:00-4:00 PM
Can anyone visit?

Adults accompanied by a child may visit during open hours (see above) by appointment. Groups are also welcome and special programming may be arranged.

How can I book a visit?

We ask you to go to our visit us page and we will respond to you.