You’re a literacy leader

Setting an example is a powerful way to create change.

Fund an innovative Reading Place prototype lab. Sponsor a Reading Rally in a local school. Buy books for children with few or none of their own. Set up a Little Free Library. Host a Calgary Reads event. There are so many ways you can help spread the joy of reading and the love of books! You can model reading, share books, host events, read aloud and inspire others. You will have your own ideas too, so take action! Here are some ways:

Literacy-in-a-Box events are fun, and inspire families and communities to make reading a part of their lives. Each event has a different literacy-centred theme, and provides inspiration, tips and resources to build children’s literacy skills. Community members can be engaged to help organize, set up and run these events, usually held in the evening. Volunteers are asked to attend one to three organizational meetings and commit five to seven hours on the day of the event. Find out more.

Little Free Libraries are popping up in communities across the city to share the joy of reading with neighbours. This volunteer role engages community members in three different ways; you can build one or paint one or care for one of these simple book homes. Find out more 

Get Your Geek On! This handbook is full of ideas for youth-led activities to inspire reading. If you are a parent, teacher, youth-leader or a young person looking for ways to get young people involved in the community (and to support Calgary Reads’ programs, too) check this out. Your group can earn Geek glasses! Find out more.

Birthday Party Toolkit: Some children in Calgary don’t get many (or any) birthday presents. And many children don’t own their own books. You can help your child build altruistic values while giving to others. Together, plan his or her next birthday party as a book-drive-themed event, where the gifts are not for the birthday child but for other children … so they might experience the joy and power of reading, too. Download the Toolkit.

Reader-Beader: Help spread the love for reading! You can purchase our handmade bracelet and be part of the “reading revival” movement. The bracelet will remind you to read – and to encourage others to read – every day. Your purchase supports early literacy programs in the community. You can also can help us make these bracelets for sale. Find out more. 

Read Aloud Shared Reading:  Be part of the “reading revival” community movement. Host a Read Aloud with your friends and family because it’s a fun way to bring children and adults together around shared reading. Bring family, friends or neighbours together once – or regularly – to enjoy picture books, stories or poems read aloud by one or all of you. There is no pressure for anyone to read or even speak because simply listening to the literature and the other group members can be powerful and pleasurable. Download the Info Card.