5 Easy Ways to Avoid The Summer Slide

Blog 5 Easy Ways to Avoid The Summer Slide

Research shows that children can lose two or more months of learning over the summer holidays.

Summer Reading ABC’s

These 3 simple things will help improve summer reading outcomes:

Access to books. Children need access to a wide variety of books over the summer. But access alone isn’t enough.

Books that match readers’ ability levels and interests. For their reading skills to improve, children need to read books that align with their own reading levels and interests. Reading books that are too easy or too hard won’t improve skills!

Comprehension, as monitored and guided by an adult, teacher or parent. To making summer reading effective it’s important that an adult ask questions and guide children to better understand what they are reading.

Source: James Kim, National Summer Learning Association


Make summer reading count

The greatest summer reading gains occur when three factors are present:
• children have plenty of books to choose from
• children read aloud and parents give them feedback on their reading
• parents check their children’s understanding of what they have read


Children who are given access to books over the summer perform 35-40% better on reading achievement tests than those without access to books.

Source: First Book Canada


5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

1. Read a little every day. It can be a cereal box, newspaper, or comic book. Aim for at least 15 minutes of reading aloud or reading daily.

2. Let your child choose. Visit your local library and check out books that your child finds interesting and wants to read.

3. Share story time together. Choose a favourite book to read aloud, put on a puppet show or have fun making up silly stories with each other.

4. Go on an adventure. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood and explore the outdoors. What do you and your child see? What new words can they learn? Can your child find objects that contain two or three syllables?

5. Encourage your child to search for answers. When your child asks ‘why?’ see if you can work together to figure out what they need to know or do to find the answer.

From all of us at Calgary Reads, have a wonderful summer!