50 Books to Celebrate the Moon Landing

Blog 50 Books to Celebrate the Moon Landing
Classic children's book Goodnight Moon.

The beauty of the night sky is an enduring sight. Night after night, the moon reveals itself, re-capturing our imaginations, and inspiring all ages to dream. A child’s natural curiosity towards space often starts with the moon. What’s that, out there, washing the night in soft colour? What is it like up there?

50 years ago today, men stepped out onto the moon’s surface for the first time. This anniversary recognizes those moments of wonder, discovery and endless curiosity! Calgary Reads is celebrating with a special space-themed book list ⁠— we’ve recommended 50 children’s books about the night sky, space, and of course, the moon. Together we can inspire another 50 years of imagination.

Book list:

Classic children's book Goodnight Moon.

#1: Goodnight Moon – Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

Why Read? This is a classic. It takes place in a familiar setting for children, the bedroom, but there is something new to notice in the illustrations every time you read it. It’s deceptively simple, but the more you read it and depending on the child’s age, they can pull weird and wonderful things from the book.” – Sharon, Calgary Reads

#2: I Took the Moon for a Walk – Carolyn Curtis and Alison Jay
#3: Moon – Britta Teckentrup
#4: The Moon Book – Gail Gibbons
#5: Moon Babies – Karen Jameson and Amy Hevron
#6: Moon – Alison Oliver
#7: Good Night, Baby Moon – DK
#8: I See the Moon – Rosalind Beardshaw
#9: Whose Moon is That? – Kim Kranz

– – – – –

Beneath Rave Moon, by David Bouchard and Andy Everson.
#10: Beneath Raven Moon – David Bouchard and Andy Everson

Why Read? “Any time I have the chance to hear David Bouchard speak or read, I take it. He is a passionate uncoverer of literacies and identities and an engaging storyteller. Beneath Raven Moon explores the story of Grandmother Moon, whose presence over Turtle Island is a powerful one! Full of rare words, and a different perspective on the moon from other books on this list, this one is also multimodal; you can listen to Mary Youngblood accompany the words on the flute! Incidentally, if you want to catch David Bouchard in person, he’ll be in Calgary on October 8th and 9th speaking (in both French and English) for Indigenous Literacy Day!” – Alex, Calgary Reads

 #11: Faces of the Moon – Bob Crelin and Leslie Evans
#12: Owl Moon – Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr
#13: Kissed by the Moon – Alison Lester
#14: If You Decide to Go to the Moon – Faith McNulty and Steven Kellogg
#15: A Kite for Moon – Jane Yoel, Heidi E.Y. Stemple, Matt Phelan
#16: Sidney, Stella and the Moon – Emma Yarlett
#17: Moon! – Stacy McAnulty and Stevie Lewis
#18: Papa, please get the moon for me – Eric Carle
#19: Maple Moon – Connie Brummel Crook and Scott Cameron

– – – – –

Counting on Katherine, by Melanie Becker and Dow Phumiruk.
#20: Counting on Katherine – Melanie Becker, Dow Phumiruk

Why Read? “You can count on me! Kids will notice this phrase as it is repeated within the book, helping them discover the incredible story of Katherine Johnson and her work at NASA. Not only did Katherine ‘count’ as an important member her team, but the book also helps to simply explain the math behind putting people in space – no small feat in itself!” – Justine, Calgary Reads

#21: Papa Put A Man On The Moon – Kate Dempsey and Sarah Green
#22: On The Moon – Anna Milbourne and Benji Davies
#23: Journey to the Moon – Andy Mansfield
#24: When The Moon Comes – Paul Harbridge, Matt James
#25: Moon Dream – Ruth Martin and Olivier Latyk
#26: Moon’s First Friends – Susanna Leonard Hill and Elisa Paganelli
#27: Catching the Moon – Crystal Hubbard and Randy DuBurke
#28: Surprise Moon – Caroline Hatton and Felicia Hoshino
#29: Kitten’s First Full Moon – Kevin Henkes

– – – – –

A Full Moon is Rising, by Marilyn Singer and Julia Cairns.

#30: A Full Moon Is Rising, Marilyn Singer, Julia Cairns

Why Read? “Regardless of what country we live in, language that we speak, or cultural traditions that we honour – the moon is The Moon! This great collection of poems highlights traditions that cultures word-wide hold regarding the moon.” – Cindy, Calgary Reads

#31: Music for Mister Moon – Philip C. Stead and Erin E. Stead
#32: Taan’s Moons – Alison Gear, Kiki van der Heiden and Children of Haida Gwaii
#33: Under the Lemon Moon – Edith Hope Fine and Rene King Moreno
#34: The Boy and the Blue Moon – Sara O’Leary and Ashley Crowley
#35: Long Night Moon – Cynthia Rylant and Mark Siegal
#36: The Man in the Moon – William Joyce
#37: Moon Man – Tomi Ungerer
#38: Mooncake – Frank Asch
#39: The Moon Lady – Amy Tan and Gretchen Shields

– – – – –

The Darkest Dark by Christ Hadfield.

#40: The Darkest Dark – Chris Hadfield

Why Read? “This book talks about having a fear of the dark, and learning to overcome your fears through wonder and curiosity. One of the great joys of The Darkest Dark is the opportunity to talk about scary things with your kids. What are they afraid of? What does it mean to be brave and face your fears?” – Justine, Calgary Reads 

#41: Lin Yi’s Lantern – Brenda Williams and Benjamin Lacombe
#42: Regards to the Man in the Moon – Ezra Jack Keats
#43: Man on the Moon – Simon Bartram
#44: The Way Back Home – Oliver Jeffers
#45: I Love You to the Moon and Back – Tim Warnes
#46: Mr. Moon – Michael Paraskevas
#47: Sun and Moon – Lindsey Yankey
#48: Nonni’s Moon – Julia Inserro and Lucy Smith
#49: Moon – Melanie Mitchell
#50: When You’re Going to the Moon – Sasha Beckman and Vivienne To

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