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I read, voraciously. I read for pleasure, for purpose and everything in between! Every space I inhabit at home and at work is full of books. I give and receive books. People send me greeting cards showing people reading. I have book bags galore with images and words reminding me of why I love to read. In my office I have a beautiful original piece of art of my sHelfie – a bookshelf displaying my all-time favourite books – created for me by one of my daughters.

So, it’s not surprising perhaps that I like to be a fly on others’ bookshelves. We swap new and favourite titles at our staff meetings and online. People often comment on my email signature – which I try to remember to update – where I share what I’m currently reading. And, yes, I might even take sneak-a-peek at a bookshelf at a dinner party, no judgement!

This is part of the reason we conceived our sHelfie podcast series.

I hope you’re listening to our podcasts and enjoying them as much as we are, as friends and leaders in the community share their much-loved reads with us. These are their sHelfies. The ones they’ve re-read; the books that have had significant influence on them. The ones they’ll try to save in a fire.

It’s fascinating to hear how certain books have challenged someone and stimulated new perspectives, ideas, feelings and actions. I’m intrigued when others are drawn to particular genres and how an area of reading interest influences their own actions in life and work.

We knew the sHelfie podcasts would likely introduce us – and hopefully you, too – to books we haven’t heard of, or might not have considered. More than this, the books are brought to life as our sHelfie participants drill down to and describe the facets and lessons they learned and cherish.

Our sHelfie participants have been bold. They’ve opened up about their own beliefs, thinking and behaviours as they describe the influence – and changes – these consequential books have had on them. I appreciate their candour. I think you will too.

Explore our podcast series.

Steacy Collyer, CEO, Calgary Reads