Earth Day

EARTH DAY BOOKLIST Staff Picks Todd Parr’s The Earth Book and Love the World. They playfully teach children about simple ways they can take care of our only place, the earth, and of one another! (Laura) Bill Bryson’s A Short [...]

Steacy’s Snippets: April is Poetry Month

I’m a poet and I bet you didn’t know it! I’ve always loved poetry. As a child, during tough times, I found comfort in poems... they were like quiet friends I could turn to for solace. Poetry’s themes and words spoke to me. I trusted [...]

Choosing Hope

Picture this… (isn’t it simply amazing that I could type “picture this” and, if I provided you with enough detail, you could do exactly that? Oh, for the gift of literacy and imagination!) Let’s try this again… picture this; I am [...]

Steacy’s Snippets / A moment in time

A moment in time   You, like me, are probably receiving daily COVID-19 updates from organizations you follow and businesses you support. We, too, have a similar informative message on our Calgary Reads’ website. Sadly, during this [...]

International Women’s Day — Fave Femmes

Three cheers for the literary heroines and strong female leads who inspire us at Calgary Reads! Here are just a handful of our favourite femmes from Children's Literature: Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White "Charlotte has [...]

Valued Partner Spotlight

Calgary Reads is very proud of our partnership with Pembina Pipeline, a Calgary-based company that believes in giving back to our community. We spoke with Community Investment Advisor, Brett Clapperton to find out why Pembina is so committed to [...]