Steacy’s Snippets: April is Poetry Month

I’m a poet and I bet you didn’t know it! I’ve always loved poetry. As a child, during tough times, I found comfort in poems... they were like quiet friends I could turn to for solace. Poetry’s themes and words spoke to me. I trusted [...]

Choosing Hope

Picture this… (isn’t it simply amazing that I could type “picture this” and, if I provided you with enough detail, you could do exactly that? Oh, for the gift of literacy and imagination!) Let’s try this again… picture this; I am [...]

Steacy’s Snippets / A moment in time

A moment in time   You, like me, are probably receiving daily COVID-19 updates from organizations you follow and businesses you support. We, too, have a similar informative message on our Calgary Reads’ website. Sadly, during this [...]

International Women’s Day — Fave Femmes

Three cheers for the literary heroines and strong female leads who inspire us at Calgary Reads! Here are just a handful of our favourite femmes from Children's Literature: Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White "Charlotte has [...]

Valued Partner Spotlight

Calgary Reads is very proud of our partnership with Pembina Pipeline, a Calgary-based company that believes in giving back to our community. We spoke with Community Investment Advisor, Brett Clapperton to find out why Pembina is so committed to [...]

From the Shelf of the CEO

Did you know there is a research-based relationship between child mental health and literacy? Many children with reading difficulties also face mental health challenges. Poor reading performance has been linked to children’s social-emotional [...]

Sowing “Literaseeds”

As I write this, manic gusts of wind scatter the steadily falling snow; a trillion dazed skydivers tangle themselves in tree branches, blanket the ground, pile up on the outside railings, and conceal the jagged mountains outside our Canmore [...]

Out of the Box

What is it about a simple cardboard box that is so universally appealing? The implication of structure and order? The motivation towards change and transition? A human instinct towards nesting and burrowing? Whatever it is, it's undeniable that [...]