Read, Eat, Savour a Poem

The final days of April are fast approaching and I’m wondering if you’ve had your fill of poetry this month?  Since 1998 (the same year that Calgary Reads was ‘born’) National Poetry Month has been celebrated in Canada to increase awareness [...]

Math and Early Literacy

“Language proficiency, no matter how it is measured, is related to mathematics achievement.”  -Walter Secada, Northwestern University. You may recall from your school days that classmates of yours who were at the top of the class in math were [...]

Literacy Backpacks

Literacy backpacks contain books and related activities for children and their caregivers to read and do together. They are often prepared by teachers and loaned out to families to bring literacy into the home and build home/school, parent/teacher [...]

Family Literacy Day

How are you celebrating Family Literacy Day? January 27th is Family Literacy Day across Canada. It’s a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually to raise awareness of the importance of reading and [...]

Inauguration Day

Around the time that you receive this post, you may be aware of something happening today in Washington, D.C. It is inauguration day and by midmorning in Alberta, the transfer of power will pass from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, the 45th President [...]