Book Bucks

Buy Books. Change Lives.

Your purchase of “Book Bucks” allows us to immediately impact the lives of young readers in Calgary and surrounding communities, and you to save up for a big book purchase or gift the joy of reading!

Use Your Book Bucks:


The postponement of the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale means that we won’t have the much-needed proceeds from sales for our work this year; unfortunately, the need to get books into the hands of children is not going away, and in fact, with the move to digital schooling and now summer break, COVID Crunch and Summer Slide have put so many students at even higher risk for learning loss, isolation, and distance from opportunity. 

Book Bucks – essentially gift cards redeemable at the next Big Book Sale – allow Calgarians to support Calgary Reads in our mission to “keep the books flowing” during the pandemic, getting them into the hands of the young readers who need them now more than ever.  

When you buy Book Bucks today (in denominations of your choice and redeemable at face value), you give Calgary Reads the gift of cash flow and the ability to keep helping children and families in Calgary and surrounding communities. In return, you’ll save your Book Bucks for our next Big Book Sale, where they will give you early access to the re-imagined sale and the biggest stock of used and collectible books in Calgary. Book Bucks can also be redeemed at our Bankers Hall Location (3rd Floor, across from the food court inside A Dose of Happiness).

Disclaimers & Conditions

Book Bucks are redeemable for Cash Value. Please treat them like cash, too; don’t lose them! A $5.00 replacement fee will be charged to reclaim any lost Book Buck IDs. Book Bucks are not redeemable for cash — they can only be applied to a purchase.

Book Bucks can be redeemed at the annual CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale.

Book Bucks cannot be redeemed for memberships or services.

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