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Hopscotch Around the World!

It’s full of letters, numbers, symbols, and characters from so many different languages, and it’s one of our favourite outdoor activities (that can be played at safe distances)… it’s hopscotch!

What Canadians call ‘hopscotch’ is one version of a type of game that children play all over the world! Here are some examples from France, Japan, and Nigeria!


Hopscotch can be played alone or with others:
  1. Start by drawing lines and numbering each shape
  2. Each player needs to find a stone, coin, bottlecap or other object to use as a marker (called a tisto, potsy or puck in other languages)
  3. Take turns and throw your marker into shape number 1
  4. Hop on one foot into each shape. Jump over the shape with the marker
  5. Turn around and hop back. Stop to pick up your marker on the way back
Remember a player can’t step on the lines or fall down. If that happens it’s another player turn, or time for you to try again from the beginning!