Calgary Reads’ CEO marries surrounded by books

Blog Calgary Reads’ CEO marries surrounded by books

Books bear witness to a celebration of love and commitment!

Most of us adore being surrounded by books. Their artful, bright covers… The smell of fresh ink and the feel of special papers… Tall, short or weighty, we admire the unique configurations they create on our bookshelves.

In our homes and special reading places, books become like comforting friends. Piled beside the bed they promise that as we finish one great read, it’s time to meet a potential new favourite.

So, what could be more perfect backdrop as Calgary Reads’ CEO Steacy Collyer celebrates her marriage than a bookstore?

This past Thanksgiving Monday, Steacy and her long-time partner (and Calgary Reads Champion) Bryan Pinney, tied the knot at home surrounded by family. Their next stop: The Next Page bookstore in Inglewood to celebrate with family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks to store owners Ben, Richard and Jeremy, the venue was the perfect setting for the revelry.

Balloons, flowers and thousands of books (displayed floor to ceiling) lent their vibrancy and promise to the day. Toast-makers at the happy event couldn’t help but share favourite reads, quotes, and stories. Literary links to love, marriage, and happiness abounded. Guests mingled and browsed. Many books went home with new owners, and many more were donated to the Children’s Reading Place. Photos taken among the children’s books were a given as the Calgary Reads team celebrated the happy couple.

And, the parting gift from Steacy and Bryan to their guests? A book of course, Love is… (illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin).



So here’s to Strong Leads turning the page on the next chapter of their story together! Congratulations, Steacy & Bryan!