Sowing “Literaseeds”

As I write this, manic gusts of wind scatter the steadily falling snow; a trillion dazed skydivers tangle themselves in tree branches, blanket the ground, pile up on the outside railings, and conceal the jagged mountains outside our Canmore [...]

Out of the Box

What is it about a simple cardboard box that is so universally appealing? The implication of structure and order? The motivation towards change and transition? A human instinct towards nesting and burrowing? Whatever it is, it's undeniable that [...]

Heyday in the Mayday

Guest Blogger Terry Lindberg, Children's Reading Place Reader In Residence What happened this summer? Well not much you see...except for the black bear that climbed up our tree! Bear, over there, beware, take care, scare, say a prayer…love [...]