Steacy’s Snippets

Steacy’s Snippets: April is Poetry Month

I’m a poet and I bet you didn’t know it! I’ve always loved poetry. As a child, during tough times, I found comfort in poems... they were like quiet friends I could turn to for solace. Poetry’s themes and words spoke to me. I trusted [...]

Steacy’s Snippets / A moment in time

A moment in time   You, like me, are probably receiving daily COVID-19 updates from organizations you follow and businesses you support. We, too, have a similar informative message on our Calgary Reads’ website. Sadly, during this [...]

From the Shelf of the CEO

Did you know there is a research-based relationship between child mental health and literacy? Many children with reading difficulties also face mental health challenges. Poor reading performance has been linked to children’s social-emotional [...]

A fly on the book shelf

I read, voraciously. I read for pleasure, for purpose and everything in between! Every space I inhabit at home and at work is full of books. I give and receive books. People send me greeting cards showing people reading. I have book bags galore with [...]