The CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale is our way of evening that out…

But we have to “bookmark it” for now!

UPDATE – CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale 

We continue to plan the annual CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale, our biggest fundraiser of the year. This book sale is incredibly important to the operation of Calgary Reads.

The health, safety and well-being of our volunteers, employees and customers is our top priority and we are following the lead of Canadian public health authorities during this challenging time. Due to the current challenges of COVID-19, our Big Book Sale is postponed.

We are planning to hold the Big Book Sale next year… as soon as we know more, you will too.
Your willingness to support us with your time and energy is deeply appreciated.
If you have any questions please contact us at:

While the dates have changed for the Big Book Sale, our needs have not.

This crisis has prompted us to accelerate our book access strategy. We want to provide books immediately to children and families experiencing increased distance from opportunity.

We need your donations of new and “like-new” CHILDREN’S BOOKS NOW. If you are able to donate gently used children’s books, please contact us at and we will provide instructions on how to donate. We will need your adult books in the future so we ask that you please be patient and hold onto adult book donations for now, while we prioritize getting books to children. Thank you!

We currently have multiple, no contact, volunteer opportunities such as Porch Pick Ups, Delivery of Book Bags, Little Free Library fill ups and Community Book Drops. If you have an interest in participating, please email us at for more details.

Book Bucks:

The postponement of the CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale means that even though our annual funding has dried up, the need to get books into the hands of children has not. In fact, with the move to digital schooling and summer break, COVID Crunch and Summer Slide put so many students at even higher risk for learning loss, isolation, and distance from opportunity.

Book Bucks allow Calgarians to support Calgary Reads in our mission to “keep the books flowing” during the pandemic, getting them into the hands of the young readers who need them now more than ever.

When you buy Book Bucks today (in denominations of your choice and redeemable at face value), you give Calgary Reads the gift of cash flow and the ability to keep helping children and families in Calgary and surrounding communities. In return, you’ll save your Book Bucks for our next Big Book Sale (May 2021), where they will give you early access to the re-imagined sale and the biggest stock of used and collectible books in Calgary.