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Steacy's snippets

Steacy shares some of the Picture Books that are current favourites in her office! Strong themes of persistence, resilience, and overcoming obstacles abound…



The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

Written By: Justin Roberts
Illustrated By: Christian Robinson

This rhyming story is that of Sally McCabe, a small and mighty learner and observer of the world. Easy to overlook and to slip by unnoticed, she is able to see small problems that start to become an even bigger one. She decides to make her presence known with a big action that has a rippling effect for her whole school.


Horrible Bear

Written By: Ame Dyckman
Illustrated By: Zacariah OHora

Another story about the consequences of single choices, we see an interaction between a girl and a bear and the way that one horrible thing can potentially snowball into many… unless someone can tap into their kindness and re-route the danger!


The Wall in the Middle of the Book

Written and Illustrated By: Jon Agee

Sometimes we build walls to protect things… but what happens when we encounter a wall and make an assumption about why it’s there? At what happens if we overcome that barrier to get to the other side?