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Reading and growing in schools across Alberta

Creating a culture of reading is a collaborative effort, involving schools, educators, families, researchers, volunteers and community partners. The Alberta Reads Network brings all those groups together for a common purpose: to ignite children’s passion for reading.

Through this collaborative partnership, we work directly with school districts in urban centres as Calgary Reads Novels and with individual schools across the province as Chapters.

Our expanding network of Alberta schools is bringing the joy of reading to young students across the province. Trained volunteers are reading aloud to children, schools are hosting events to celebrate literacy and promote reading inside and outside the classroom and Calgary Reads’ programs, resources and supports are making a difference to hundreds of Alberta children every day.

What educators say about Alberta Reads

“This initiative fits beautifully with our professional learning focus of working and learning together to support all students in reading at or above grade level. Being a Reading Place school has kept the goal of confidence and joy at the forefront of our work.”

Susan Long
Rocky View Schools

Meet our member schools

See the full list of schools that have joined the Alberta Reads Network for the 2017-18 school year.

“We have several students who did not enjoy reading and would resist reading with parents or teachers. Once our Calgary Reads volunteers started, these same students could not wait to go and read with their volunteers. They developed positive attitudes towards reading and their diagnostic reading test scores improved significantly by the end of the year.”

Calgary Catholic School Board

How to Apply

If you are a school district or a school leader interested in learning more about the Alberta Reads Network, please contact our Alberta Reads Literacy Coach to discuss pilot opportunities for your school.

If your school district is already a member of the Alberta Reads Network and your school is interested in becoming a Chapter or renewing your membership, please complete one of our application forms.

Funding support

We try to offer financial assistance for schools that can’t afford the Alberta Read Network membership fee. To request a chapter bursary, please complete the application and we will contact you to discuss funding opportunities.


The number of schools Calgary Reads works with as part of the Alberta Reads Network in seven school boards across the province.


It’s a fact

In an average year, children spend approximately 950 hours in school and 7,800 hours outside school.