CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale

The more books circulating in Calgary, the richer the reading landscape

Our annual book sale is big – really big. In fact, we sold more than 100,000 books at the event last year. We’ve been hosting the sale with our partner CBC Calgary since 2002 and it continues to grow each year.

The book sale is our signature annual fundraiser, bringing in money that we use throughout the year to support our school and community programs and provide free books and literacy resources to children and families across Alberta.

Want to volunteer?

There are lots of volunteer opportunities for individual and teams. You can get involved by organizing pre-event book drives, sorting and setting up books for the sale, helping with the sale, or cleaning up after the event is over. But it’s not all work. It’s also lots of fun with book readings, live music and special activities for both adults and children.

Sign up to volunteer:

Want to donate books?

The next Big Book Sale will take place in May 2019 and book donation details will be announced closer to the event. Hang on to all those books you’re reading because we’re going to need them.

“As someone who believes literacy is a fundamental requirement, I can’t think of a better event. Our volunteers make the set up work so much fun and having that many readers in a huge space is positively energizing!”

Shirley McIntyre
Volunteer Co-lead
CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale

Organize a book drive

Gently used books from friends, family members or coworkers and donate them to the Calgary Reads Big Book Sale.


The number of volunteers who gave their time to the 2018 CBC Calgary Reads Big Book Sale.


See how it all comes together

This time-lapse video shows what it takes to transform a curling rink into a Big Book Sale.