Give all schools the chance to share the joy of reading

Every child deserves to start school ready to learn. The literacy skills of some young children are lagging behind and that impacts their ability to learn. Not every school has the extra resources to offer additional support to those struggling readers. That’s why we work with schools across Alberta to ensure they have the support they need to help every child become a successful reader.

Here are the ways you can support our efforts to help schools get young students off to a strong start.

Support schools

Make a contribution to our bursary bank which provides funding for school field trips to our Little Red Reading House, learning opportunities for educators and families.


The number of kindergarten and grades one and two students who benefited from our programs in 2018-19.

“There is an easy and enjoyable way to know that we have made a significant contribution to the well being of a fellow human being: ensure that an elementary school student has a functional level of literacy.”

Elizabeth Marshall
School Sponsor and
Calgary Reads Tutor

Sponsor a Reading Rally event

Share the joy of reading in a fun-filled celebration where your team of volunteers read stories to young students who go home with free books and materials.  Reading Rally sponsorship is $3,000 per event.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Calgary Reads, please contact our executive director, Steacy Collyer.

“At Calgary Reads we believe in equity. We want every child, every school, and every community to have access to the same opportunities. It’s only fair.”

Steacy Collyer
Calgary Reads Executive Director