Holiday Greetings from the Children’s Reading Place

Blog Holiday Greetings from the Children’s Reading Place
Children's Reading Place

The first six months of the Children’s Reading Place have been exciting. emotional, enlightening and engaging. Rather than trying to express the words and sentiment of the more than 1000 visitors I am sharing some of their words that they left as a gift to the team working to help families embrace the joy and confidence that reading brings.

“What a great space” ~ Laurel

“I love how all the spaces flow together to create a fun and engaging space for children” ~ Adriana

“Incredible, beautiful, remarkable!” ~ Patti

“The Reading Place has become one of our reading places. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children.” ~ Renee and Darren

“The whole thing is a reader’s fantasy.” ~ Jayda

“A little oasis for little one (and bigger ones), fantastic.” ~ Trish

“There is an amazing variety of books. The staff here are super duper nice.” ~ Honour

“Thanks for providing lots of rooms with lots of books so lots of interesting things can happen.” ~ Louise

“An amazing contribution to the ‘reading scene’ in Calgary.” ~ Margo

“Such a beautiful place. Can’t wait to come back.” ~ Sandy. Aikam, Emaan

“Thank you for the book and the fun place.” ~ Jack, Sam, Theo

“Incredible, makes me feel like a kid again.” ~ Michele

” Thank you for doing this in our city.” ~ Meghan and Georgia

” We love this house and the idea.” ~ Marc, Ashleigh, Sebastian

” A fantastic morning spent with books.” ~ Fouillard Family

” I figured out that all rooms have a theme.” ~ Jack

“This place os pure joy and magic.” ~ Sarah

“”Thank you for sharing this remarkable place.”

“We had a great time this morning.” ~ Wendy

” We loved the cubbies in each room” ~ Sandy

” Thank you, This is the 2nd visit for my 2 and 4-year-old. They talked about it so much that my 13-year-old was curious. He is now sitting in an armchair reading.” ~ Wong-Chan Family

“I hope to come back with my own kids, someday.” Joel


We appreciate the kind words, the honest conversations and the willingness of so many to try something new in their lives.


Make the holidays a time to read together, read alone and read a lot.

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