The Joy of Reading Aloud this Family Day and Every Day!

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“The act of reading is, in some ways, the most invisible of arts. We can’t see others’ minds at work; their engagement with words can be mysterious to the outside eye. But when we read aloud to one another, we bring the joy and connection of reading to the surface; we illuminate its power.”                                                                                                                                                                    – Pam Allyn, creator of World Read Aloud Day

At Calgary Reads reading aloud is one of our favourite ways to create community and the joy of reading. Something magical happens when we spend time with people, young and old, sharing words, stories and memories that can stick with us for a lifetime.

Today, February 16th, is World Read Aloud Day and it is a global, grassroots movement committed to the “profound resonance of the read aloud and the connections that are made when reader, text and listener connect.” I hope you will take time to listen to Scholastic’s full podcast on the impact of reading aloud on our own and on children’s learning lives.

Check out Calgary Reads’ Read Aloud Shared Reading/Stone Soup resource for tips on holding your own Read Aloud this upcoming Family Day weekend with friends and family! Remember to use the hashtag #WRAD17 to share your own read aloud experiences—poems, jokes, magical fiction, love stories—with everyone!

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