Introducing… The 3-6-9 Series

Blog Introducing… The 3-6-9 Series
3-6-9 Series upcoming dates

Why 3-6-9? At age 3, we’re helping children develop the vocabulary they need to be school-ready at age 6, and to be able to successfully make the shift at age 9 from learning to read, to reading to learn—so they can succeed in school and in life.

Each talk discusses the value of literacy and different ways to support early childhood learning.

Upcoming talks

Stay tuned for more talks to come this fall!

Past Talks

The Lifelong Value of Early Literacy

How Calgary Families Are Navigating COVID19

The Power of Books: Reading, Mental Health and the Comfort Collection

Oral Storytelling: Building Bridges to Literacy Development for Indigenous Students

Language Before 5: Findings from the All Our Families Cohort

Talk to Me, Talking to One Another: Early Literacy Benefits of LENA Start & the 3-6-9 Series