It’s a simple and meaningful time

Blog It’s a simple and meaningful time

Those who know me or regularly read my blogs, know my passionate key message: read aloud with your children every day!

Yet as the pandemic continues, the pressure on parents and caregivers is not letting up. Reading together may – at times – feel like one more chore to fit into overwhelming days.

Please know, no pressure coming from me – instead, good news to share . . and something to hopefully lift spirits and enthusiasm: When we find time to read together with our children, we’re weaving the positive inter-connection of – lovepresence – and, habits. And, these three are some of the most valuable ways we influence and enrich our children’s lives.

As we sit and cuddle together with books (for both pleasure and learning), important things are happening:

OUR LOVE: Scientific evidence confirms that parental love actually helps a child’s brain to grow. Our loving interactions relax our children, help build their self-esteem and foster their overall wellbeing.

OUR PRESENCE: Parents are working hard to stay emotionally and physically present for their children during the pandemic. When we honour the daily habit of reading together, we let our kids know that they matter.

OUR HABITS: Family reading rituals and letting our kids seeing us read independently for pleasure and purpose demonstrate positive habits.Just as we eat healthily and keep up our exercise routines—helping our children build the habit of daily reading is a gift for life.

Steacy Pinney (Collyer), CEO, Calgary Reads