Calgary Reads is excited to kick-off networding, our new breakfast [book]club event!

what is networding?

Over a series of three morning events in the new year, we will be connecting businesses and stimulating literacy conversations over breakfast and presentations by local authors. Our first event will be on Friday, January 24th, featuring Todd Hirsch and his book, The Boiling Frog Dilemma. Join us as we deepen our connections with the business community and ask for help to ensure that literacy thrives in Calgary.

why netword?

Literacy is at the heart of every decision, every project, and every interaction. Without a foundation in even basic literacy, business would grind to a halt. Our very society would stop functioning.

Just a 1% increase in literacy skills equals:

An $18.4 billion increase to the GDP

A 2.5% increase in productivity

A $32 billion boost to national income

This is where Calgary Reads comes in!

join us!

We hope you will join us on January 24th for our inaugural event and throughout the series!