Our story

Once upon a time…

We asked ourselves a question, “What if every child had the opportunity to read with confidence and joy?”

We imagined a world where reading flourishes and every child has the literacy skills to learn something new, travel the world, and find inspiration, connection, and comfort – all within the pages of their favourite books. In 2001, we set out to turn that dream into a reality and we’ve been working hard to make that happen ever since.

Ours is a story of collaboration, with schools, educators and community partners who work with us to offer programs, events and resources that nurture a love of reading. Together, we are igniting a movement to strengthen literacy and give children a brighter future.

“We try to inspire reading in all kinds of places with all kinds of people in all kinds of ways.”

Steacy Collyer
Calgary Reads Founder and Executive Director

Building bridges and changing lives

The Calgary Reads story is about using the power of connections and strength of partnerships to enrich the reading landscape for young children.