Why reading matters

Reading sparks a lifetime of learning

Reading is a fundamental skill that has a profound impact on our lives, and it begins at an early age. When you read aloud to a child, you open the doors to new worlds, new perspectives and new opportunities to grow. We believe every child deserves to experience the benefits reading brings.

Learning to read is a vital part of learning in general. It triggers brain development, enhances cognitive skills and builds self-confidence. It’s easy to take our ability to read for granted but it didn’t just happen; it took effort, practice and someone who took the time to teach us.

Teaching children to read is an investment in their future and will enhance their lives in many ways. Here’s why reading matters:

Strengthens bonds

Reading moments are special times that nurture loving bonds and give children the confidence to try new things.

Stimulates empathy

Children get the chance to expand their perspectives by talking about the thoughts and feelings of characters in books.

Supports brain growth

Reading and talking about ideas in a book reinforces neural pathways that build brains. Nearly 80% of a child’s brain is wired in his or her first five years.

Expands vocabulary

Reading with children early in their lives gets them ready for school. Research shows the more words children know when they start school the better they’ll do.

Develops cognitive skills

Reading helps children think critically and communicate more effectively. It also stimulates their creativity and strengthens their ability to focus and concentrate.

Fosters a love of learning

Snuggling with your children while you share a book makes them feel good and the feeling of pleasure that comes from reading will last a lifetime.



The word gap between three-year olds in lower and upper income household.


It’s a fact

A child’s vocabulary when he or she starts school is the most important indicator of later success in school.

“I lucked into my literacy life. Students shouldn’t have to be lucky to discover that book reading is just about the best thing about being human and alive on the planet

Nancie Atwell
2015 Global Teacher Prize winner