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What is it about a simple cardboard box that is so universally appealing? The implication of structure and order? The motivation towards change and transition? A human instinct towards nesting and burrowing? Whatever it is, it’s undeniable that there is just SOMETHING about cardboard boxes that speaks to our souls!

Our friends at Active for Life have written a blog featuring twelve ideas for cardboard box play, so we wanted to respond in kind with our recommendations for five favourite books about boxes!

  • What to do with a Box (Jane Yolen & Chris Sheban)

This lyrical picture book with cardboard-textured illustrations will open up your child’s imagination to the possibilities of a simple box.

  • Little Boy (Alison McGhee & Peter H. Reynolds)

Favourite toys are so important to our early year of playing and learning. This story’s hero shows us how important the small things in life are.

  • Box (Min Flyte & Rosaline Beardshaw)

A lift-the-flap interactive book that helps young readers predict… what might be kept inside a variety of different boxes?

  • The Box (Axel Janssens)

Leo and Kenny debate the limits of reality and imagination and become possibilitarians!

  • Not a Box (Antoinette Portis)

The inspiration for our Reading Place in-a-box, we discover that there are no limits to what a box can become!


And what IS a Reading Place in-a-box, you might ask?

Well it’s everything you need to transform a cardboard box into the perfect reading place, complete with books, tape, flashlights and instructions!

We’ll deliver your Reading Place in-a-box right to your door when you express interest in purchasing by messaging info@calgaryreads.com!