Valued Partner Spotlight

Blog Valued Partner Spotlight

Calgary Reads is very proud of our partnership with Pembina Pipeline, a Calgary-based company that believes in giving back to our community. We spoke with Community Investment Advisor, Brett Clapperton to find out why Pembina is so committed to making a positive impact in our community.

Thank you for sharing your perspectives Brett. Please tell us why Pembina chooses to invest time and resources to support the work of Calgary Reads.

At Pembina, we believe that education is the key to helping everyone reach their full potential and Calgary Reads plays a critical role in setting up kids for life-long learning and future success.

Through its partnership with Calgary Reads, Pembina has engaged its employees in volunteer opportunities at Reading Rallies held at local schools. Can you tell us why this has been something to which you’ve committed?  

Participating in Reading Rallies is a great way for our teams to come together. Our employees get to see firsthand the impact that reading and literacy can have on students. Most importantly, though, I believe our participation in the Reading Rallies helps kids feel empowered since they know that someone outside of their network is invested in their success. Having had the opportunity to attend several Reading Rallies, I’m always struck by how much reading can be a “team sport” and helps build relationships and how much more confident kids can become when there’s someone cheering them on!

Why does the cause of helping to build a literate community matter to you? Why now in particular?

Literacy impacts everything — from employment to mental health — all of life’s challenges are exacerbated when reading doesn’t come easily. To me, an investment in literacy can play a major role in helping to improve someone’s quality of life. We see Calgary Reads as helping to improve access to literacy. Some kids receive a world of support when learning to read, while others may not have those same opportunities. Calgary Reads helps ensure that those kids are also getting every chance they deserve.

What do you believe would be most transformative to the cause of ensuring a literate society and workforce?

I believe that it’s recognizing the fact that this isn’t a problem that can be solved by schools alone, or families, or any one organization. They say it takes a village to raise a child, therefore, there is definitely a role for everyone to play in helping to build a literate society, whether as a community member, a volunteer, a mentor, an ambassador or a donor.

*We know that when business invests in community initiatives, there are positive, reciprocal impacts. By creating and strengthening community relationships and providing employees with opportunities for authentic and satisfying engagement in our community, everyone wins. Please contact us if you have an interest in partnering.