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All children deserve books of their own

Children need access to books so they can become good readers, but they also need books of their own. Owning a book encourages children to read more and can turn a reluctant reader into a book lover. Research shows the more books a child has at home the better the chance he or she will grow up to be a confident and enthusiastic reader.

Too many Alberta children don’t have books to call their own and we think that’s unfair. So, every year we give away thousands of new and gently used books through our Calgary Reads Book Bank. This centralized book bank supplies books for our Children’s Reading Place and for many of our school reading programs and events, and community partnerships such as the Calgary Food Bank.


Books from the Calgary Reads Book Bank that we distributed to children through our programs and initiatives in 2018-2019

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“Members of the Calgary Reads team are so focused and committed on getting the next child hooked on reading. They are relentless in their approach and try it from every single angle. They find as many ways as they can to put books into the hands of children and have someone read with them.”

Phyllis Sawchuk


Supporting families with food and books

Discover how Calgary Reads and the Calgary Food Bank are working together to nourish the minds and bodies of low-income children.

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