LENA Start

Building brains through early talk

We help families strengthen relationships and build school readiness with virtual parent-group classes.

Calgary Reads is the only early literacy organization in Canada offering LENA Start programs. LENA Start engages families and fosters parent-child interaction in the first years of life. Research shows that conversational turns are the most impactful way we can help improve school readiness, third grade reading outcomes, high school graduation, and life outcomes! 

Meeting families where they are

Calgary Reads team members facilitate parent-group classes with partner agencies as well as our own workshops. Through these interactive 10 week workshops, caregivers are provided with a range of resources, including the 14 Talking Tips, and send ahead videos! Classes support caregivers to engage in interactive talk with children to support healthy early brain development.

LENA technology

During LENA Start, families use LENA’s patented “talk pedometer” technology to measure their child’s language environment. Over the course of 10 weekly sessions that can be delivered virtually or in person, families explore this data in the form of personalized, actionable feedback reports, discussing research-based strategies with their peers to increase the quality and quantity of talk at home.



Interested in learning about an upcoming parent group class? Reach out so we can add your name to our list and let you know about upcoming sessions hosted by Calgary Reads or one of our partner agencies.

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LENA Start is just the beginning

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