Read with ELLs

Expanding opportunities for English Language Learners

As Alberta communities become more diverse, the number of students requiring English language instruction increases every year. Today, nearly one out of every four students in Alberta’s K-12 classrooms is an English Language Learner (ELL).

We’re helping schools meet this challenge through our new Read with ELLs program, which provides reading support for young students. This pilot program is offered through our partnership with University of Calgary and St. Mary’s University.

MRU education student volunteers visit schools to help ELL students in grades two and three expand their vocabulary and practice their reading skills, using program material created by Calgary Reads. This intensive reading curriculum is offered over 8-10 weeks and incorporates a theme of identity and belonging.


Students in Alberta public schools who needed ELL instruction during the 2014-15 school year.

"The Read with ELLs program that has come out this year has met the needs of our new students to Canada, as well as the students who have been here for a couple of years. It brings language, conversation and a sense of confidence to our ELLs students. Thank you Calgary Reads for bringing the Read with ELLs program to our school - our students love it!”

Chantal Peterson

Division One Learning Leader
Stanley Jones School