reading place challenge

reading is super important. so give it a super important place in your home!

take the…

show your whole family how important it is to want to read for fun (and not just for learning) by creating a dedicated place for reading… a reading place!


Start with the 3Bs!
– Books
– Booklights
– Book Storage


then add pillows, blankets, and your family’s imagination, to create something truly spectacular!

chances are pretty good there’s an empty corner SOMEWHERE in the house that, with a little creativity, could easily be changed into #myreadingplace

this one’s best for little readers, and only after a LOT of weight testing, just to be sure… but once the bedsheet is tried, tested, and secure, there’s no end to the fun I can have in #myreadingplace

mosquito netting, canvas, or khaki-coloured draping, filled with lots of stuffies and tools like magnifying glasses, flashlights, and cameras, take #myreadingplace on safari!

for the courageous, daring, and brave, spending a little time in a cupboard under the stairs can make #myreadingplace truly magical!

I don’t need much to make a special place for reading … turning over a simple box and digging up the lights from last winter will get me started. It’s not a box… it’s #myreadingplace

building it is only half the fun… when #myreadingplace is a sixty-second fort! Gather all your supplies then put 60 seconds on the clock — you’ve got just that long to build a fort before it’s time to read a chapter! Don’t love the way this one turned out? Tear it all down and try again before reading the next one!

some places just aren’t made for grownups, and having #myreadingplace all to myself, to snuggle into safe and sound, seems like the perfect way to keep reading special!

since taking a tent to the wilderness just isn’t in the books right now, why not take the books to the tent and enjoy some wild stories in  #myreadingplace instead?

knits, crochets, and patchwork quilts can be woven together to make #myreadingplace truly amazing!


What Social Media Platforms are eligible?

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

How many entries do I get?

  • 1 per Reading Place, as determined by photograph

Will these images be shared?

  • By entering and using the #MyReadingPlace hashtag you are consenting to have your image reshared should you be selected as a winner

How are Winners selected?

  • Monthly, by random draw

Is there a cost to participate?

  • No, this is a free giveaway contest!

use the hashtag #myreadingplace to be entered into a monthly draw for some amazing prizes! here’s what you could win:

  • The FIRST PEEK at the Children’s Reading Place when it opens up again
  • A Secret Viewing of the Reader-in-Residence Suite
  • Book Bundles… not one, but TEN amazing books in an awesome Bookbag
  • Gift Cards
  • Books, Booklights, Book Baskets… everything you need to keep growing your space
  • and more added all the time!

we know that things are weird and wild right now, so we’ll keep running this initiative until things settle down for the world!

So! Give it a shot!

Pick one of the challenges from the options above (or create your very own!), build your reading place, share it to social with #myreadingplace and get ready to love reading more than ever before!