sHelfie Podcast – Episode 3 – Dave Kelly

Blog sHelfie Podcast – Episode 3 – Dave Kelly

We catch up with Dave Kelly, host, interviewer, writer, and entrepreneur and chat about everything literacy, including the book that Dave started reading again as soon as he finished it.

Calgary Reads and the Alberta Reads Network are featuring the favourite books of our special friends and personalities in Alberta through an engaging podcast series.

By sharing books that are truly meaningful to you – those that have had an impact on you, your life or work – you’ll help us stimulate great conversations, spread the joy of reading and encourage fellow Albertans to explore new books too!

Episode 3 – Dave Kelly, host of Dave Kelly Live

Episode Summary – In episode three we catch up with Dave Kelly, a host, interviewer, writer, and entrepreneur. He is currently the host of Dave Kelly Live, as well as the Calgary Stampede Rodeo, and he travels around the world as an event host. Dave was the face of morning television for over a decade (1996-2009) as the host of CityTV Calgary’s Breakfast Television and previously The Big Breakfast. He is the co-founder and owner of Kelly Brothers Productions in Calgary, Alberta.

Show Notes

0:50 – Dave’s earliest memory of reading; Curious George, Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham

3:45 – A few of the books on Dave’s Shelfie;

6:00 – The book that Dave started reading again as soon as he finished it! So Good They Can’t Ignore You, by Cal Newport

7:00 – Born Standing Up, Steve Martin’s autiobiography

8:30 – A few more of Dave’s influential books;

10:30 – Ian Tyson’s autiobiography; The Long Trail: My Life in the West

11:30 – What Dave and Steacy Collyer (CEO of Calgary Reads) argue about

14:00 – Dave’s reading rituals with his own kids