sHelfie Podcast – Episode 5 – Mark Sakamoto

Blog sHelfie Podcast – Episode 5 – Mark Sakamoto

We chat with Mark Sakamoto, Author and CBC Canada Reads 2018 winner about forgiveness and how being an author has changed him as a reader.

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Episode 5 – Mark Sakamoto, Author, Canada Reads 2018 winner

Episode Summary – In episode five Jill connects with Mark Sakamoto, a lawyer by training, who has enjoyed a rich and varied career. He began his professional career in live music, working with several international acts. He has worked at a national law firm, a national broadcaster and has served as a senior political advisor to a national party leader. He is an entrepreneur and investor in digital health, digital media and real estate. He sits on the Board of the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Mark lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.

His 2014 book Forgiveness, recently won the CBC Canada Reads 2018 competition. Forgiveness intertwines the compelling stories of Mark’s grandparents, Ralph MacLean and the Sakamotos as the war rips their lives and their humanity out of their grasp. But somehow, despite facing such enormous transgressions against them, the two families learned to forgive.

Show Notes

1:05 The experience of winning Canada Reads 2018 with his book Forgiveness

2:30 A little bit of the story of Forgiveness.

5:00 Why his book is called Forgiveness, and forgiveness as a tool and daily act that you commit to.

8:00 Some of Mark’s realizations as he wrote the book.

10:00 Mark’s process of writing the memoir.

12:00 How being an author has changed him as a reader, and Michale Ignatieff’s advice.

14:00 What’s on Mark’s sHelfie; Countries of the World, Obasan

18:25 A Fine Balance, characters who become our friends.

20:00 A Personal Matter, a truthful and painful read.

22:45 Mark’s memories of reading with his Mom and staying up late to watch The National on CBC.

25:15 Writing letters to parliament hill at the age of 8.

26:30 Lincoln in the Bardo