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A moment in time


You, like me, are probably receiving daily COVID-19 updates from organizations you follow and businesses you support. We, too, have a similar informative message on our Calgary Reads’ website.

Sadly, during this pandemic, our world is filled with a palpable sense of fear and uncertainty.

Fear is often present in the nonprofit sector. We worry about those we serve and our essential, often uncertain, funding. We’ll soon decide if our significant, annual book sale can go ahead in May.

As a staff team – with the encouragement of our Board Members, volunteers, champions and friends – we’ve decided fear will not hold us hostage. Rather, we are taking sensible, recommended actions to keep ourselves and our community safe. We’re using this time wisely. We’re considering and planning for the future and we’ll continue to support families with reading ideas and resources in viable ways.

So, in the meantime, what can we all do to cope as we socially distance and socially isolate?

Breathe and reflect for sure. Stay well-informed, but limit our time on news feeds and social media so we don’t become overwhelmed. Find hope; there will be positive things that emerge in this crisis. People are slowing down, spending time together, helping others. Let’s take the opportunity to ponder on how things might be enhanced (both personally and professionally) once more normal routines return.

Of course, I hope people will take time to read; individually and as a family. Read together while you’re at home. Grandparents far away, or down the road, might read to grandchildren via technology. Perhaps you’ll create your own unique ‘reading place’. A nook, a tent, a bedroom corner. A place where the wonder and magic of stories help lift us away from worries.

And let’s take time over the next few weeks to go slow, step back, reflect, and analyze what is within our ability to do, to change, to organize, to share, to lead… I hope we all find ways to make the most of this moment in time.


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Steacy Pinney (Collyer), CEO, Calgary Reads