Steacy’s Snippets: May 2020 “Hope Quotes”

Blog Steacy’s Snippets: May 2020 “Hope Quotes”


I have just spent a sleepless night lying on the ‘comfort couch’ in my home office. At some point, my beautiful sunflower vase was knocked over and broke. It felt like a sign of something calling for my attention. As I lay on the multi-coloured, patchwork fabric couch, that has been through so much with me, I wondered if by just being still, I might catch a glimmer of hope in the hopelessness that has come over me recently.

Then, as the spring morning sun washed over Calgary and me, I remembered that like stars, hope needs the dark to shine. And, that I need words, to read and write, when times are tough. Today I am committing to explore and share hope once again, this time with “Hope Quotes 2.0”, which is particularly fitting in 2020, during a global pandemic.

As I yearn for hopefulness again, I think back to November 18, 2005. I was working at the United Way as a part of a team designing the Calgary Learning Village Collaborative. It was my privilege and role to find ways to bring resilience to the children and educators in schools east of Deerfoot Trail. Here is the first entry from 2005. It was the start of what would become a six-year quest to write a weekly “Hope Quote” through email — before the days of blogs and tweets.

“What is hope? How can we build hope when ours gets low? How can we find hope when it seems to disappear? How might we contribute to someone else having hope? Why is it such a mystery and yet something we have all felt and could all say something about? The questions go on and on as I embrace hope – they help me accept not knowing and to lose my long-held illusions of certainty and needing to have all the answers! I think I know hope is intangible, embedded in our being and conveyed through human interaction. We can often see it in each other’s eyes, hear it in our voices and know it in our hearts – all things we can’t do on email!

Each week I am planning to forward to friends and colleagues a hope quote. I’d prefer to pass it on in person but I too, have succumbed to technology so I can reach out to more of you. My hope is that, as you do the work you do and live the lives you lead, you will hold onto hope and remember to never let it go. When we find, and grow hope it deepens us as human beings. So, I leave you with one of my favourites by peace activist, William Sloane Coffin: “Hope arouses, as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the possible.”

The words above seem as if I could have written them yesterday.

If you, or a friend, need a little dose of hope in your email inbox please let me know at:

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring; if I will keep this up for six weeks or six more years. I do know hope fed my soul before and I hope it will again.

Steacy Pinney (Collyer), CEO, Calgary Reads

Steacy Pinney (Collyer), CEO, Calgary Reads