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My number 1 message

Those of you who know me, won’t be surprised. It’s been my number one message… forever. Because it’s true and it matters. And, at a difficult time like this, it’s a gentle reminder of caring and captivating ways to help our children to feel safe, loved, and inspired:

Read aloud with your child, every day. It builds brains and bonds.

Whether your child can read themselves or is a baby exploring the touch (taste!) and tone of books as they are lovingly read aloud to them, please read together – every day.

Now more than ever (always)!

I’ve heard from Calgary Reads’ team members, family, and friends. Most are hunkering down at home, physically-distancing and balancing the demands of remote work (and financial concern) with childcare.

We love our amazing children and these are busy and stressful times as we stay at home; our wings feel clipped and our futures uncertain.

Yes, I’m biased. But right now, at this unprecedented moment in time, telling stories, reading with your children, and talking together are probably the least expensive, easiest, and most effective things you can do. Reading aloud can bring comfort, joy, shared experiences, and an emotional connection between children, teens, and adults.

Sit close, explore, imagine, and stay hopeful. Enchanting – distracting – and amazing adventures and new learning are just waiting to be discovered. Places to visit. Characters to meet. Magical possibilities to share.

Enjoy this time of tales and adventures. Make up your own stories, too. Tell your children about special experiences and memories from your childhood; treasured books that filled your heart and made you excited about the future.

Curl up as a family, get cozy, stay well, and stay curious – “Oh, the places you’ll go”.

We’re here for a while.

Steacy Pinney (Collyer), CEO, Calgary Reads  

We have a read aloud tip sheet and video available to help get your read-alouds started.