Visiting our Little Red Reading House is a magical experience

“You mean I get to keep it for my very own?” Five-year-old Msghana could not believe that after visiting our Little Red Reading House she was able to pick a book she could keep.

Her mom Rose moved to Canada six years ago and is a single mother attending school full time in order to create a successful life for her and Msghana. She knows reading to Msghana is important and can’t believe how having her own books at home has helped inspire her daughter to want to read. As a student, Rose’s resources are limited and buying books is just not possible.

When I found out that we were getting a book for free – I was like OK – this is AMAZING!

Rose, Msghana’s Mother

Rose describes their visit to our Little Red Reading House as “a magical experience. When I found out Msghana and I were both getting a book for free – I was like OK-this is AMAZING!”

During their visit Msghana explored all of the book-filled rooms and unique reading spaces. She discovered her favourite – a cubby in the maker’s room, where she read together with a new friend and a head lamp for light. Rose says her daughter talks about her adventure and asks every day, “when can we visit again?”

Our Little Red Reading House is about spreading the joy of reading throughout our community. It’s based on the simple idea that if you create a comfortable, fun space for children to read, they will. Children can read independently, or enjoy a story read aloud by a parent, caregiver, the Reader-in-Residence or House Mother. They can also choose a free book to take home and keep. The Calgary Reads Book Bank supplies our Little Red Reading House and relies on year-round book and cash donations to make a difference to children like Msghana.

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