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Steacy’s Snippets June 2020: I’ve Lost My Ability to Read


Steacy's snippets

I’ve lost my ability to read.

Well, not completely. But I can’t focus. And for me, reading is essential, like water. I’m an oasis-seeking wanderer in the desert, if I’m not reading. Usually, there is rarely a moment in my day when I’m not reading or talking about reading. Or, wishing I was reading.

I think it may be the times we’re living in. I hope it’s a temporary reality. Is it a pandemic-induced page-closer? What is this apparent book-distancing that has emerged with me? Is it just that I’m weary, distracted and uncertain?

Here are the symptoms: I’m unable to concentrate on what I’m reading. I’m having to re-read words, sentences and chapters. At night, I’m falling asleep sooner; not reading as long. Which means, I’ve been re-jigging my days to fit in reading. But even then, it’s not as fluid for me. When I do read, I’m escaping more into “beach-reads”. Is it a sign-of-the-stress-of-the-times? A desire to retreat to the not-currently-available cherished favourite places of fun, sun and replenishment?

I’ve named the symptoms. Now, I’m committing to rebuilding my stamina for doing what I love – and, what fills me up — reading!

If you’re also struggling to read and concentrate, here’s what I propose might help.

Make a reading plan. It doesn’t have to be a rigid timetable. Just make room for reading each day.

Choose the right book. It may vary by mood: best seller, escapism or non-fiction. I typically have more than one book on the go. Know, too, that it’s OK to quit a book. Nothing deters reading more than a tome that just doesn’t speak to you.

Mix up the delivery mode. Have someone read aloud to you – beside you in bed or virtually online. Right now, like me, you may find physical books just a tad heavy at the end of an uncertain day.

As C.S. Lewis said: “We read to know we are not alone.”

Just what we need right now. Stay strong and read on!

Steacy Pinney (Collyer), CEO, Calgary Reads 

Reading and Coffee Tasting with Monogram Coffee

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We promise that these two treats are a perfect pairing.

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Monogram will also be collecting books for a Book Drive! Please bring children’s books age 0-8 that are new or in gently used condition. Become part of the movement, and help young readers throughout Alberta to build their literacy skills and develop a love of reading!