I’m Ready Booklets

Hello everyone! My name is Tukay…

I’m about 2000 days old — that’s why I’m called 2K… get it? For the first few years of my life I was a part of the First 2000 Days Network and the Calgary & Surrounding Communities Early Childhood Development Coalitions. They spent so many hours and so much energy working together to help spread the word about how important the early years of our lives are, and now I hang out with my friends at Calgary Reads so we can do the same!

Everything we’re doing is to make sure that children just like me are READY for kindergarten and the first few years of school, since those are the most important. They create the foundation for all the learning that comes after, so we need to make sure it’s a strong one!

We’ve found out how to build brains from other adults who are working hard on this issue, and we know that the best way to do that is to focus on the “five developmental domains” everyone keeps talking about (I just call them ‘Doing’, ‘Playing’, ‘Feeling’, ‘Learning’ and ‘Expressing’). We know it’s important that I feel loved, safe, strong, capable, fit, smart, secure and confident. So if you want to learn how to make sure YOUR kids feel that way too, check out the “I’m Ready” Books below!

Looking for the Tukay Noodle Do Kits? 


Screen Use (English)

"I'm Ready for Screens" -- Introduction and Initiation Tool













Want to read along with an actual Tukay? If you can crochet or know someone else who can, our Tukay crochet pattern can help you create the perfect reading partner.

crochet Tukay

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Please note: The I’m Ready booklets are to be used as an engagement tool.  The booklets should only be given out in the context of a conversation with families and caregivers.   This approach enables us all to understand the booklet, ask questions about the information, and build a relationship with other important adults.  A conversation also increases everyone’s ability to use the book and perhaps share it with someone else.   Please do not hand out the booklets without the context of a conversation (they should not be placed on a flyer stand in the lobby of your office)!


If you would like to customize the booklet you may do so using Calgary Reads’ graphics team. The ‘Helpful Links’ page and the back WHITE pages are available to customize. All the front pages of the booklet must remain unchanged. Booklets must remain at either 20 or 24 pages for print purposes. If you would like a quote on customizations, please email Meghan Delnea directly and include the information below:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Brief description of the customizations required, including which version(s)
  • Who will receive the booklets and how many do you plan to print?

Printing must occur at a professional printing service to preserve the integrity of these documents. Please see the printing sizes below and provide them to your preferred printing company.

4.25×5.5” booklets

Saddle-stitched 20, 24 or 28 page booklets 

100# Text throughout, 4/4

As a courtesy and to help us figure out how far these resources continue to travel, please take some time to tell us more about how you’ll be using them in your work: