Volunteer profile: Meet Elizabeth Marshall

Blog Volunteer profile: Meet Elizabeth Marshall
Calgary Reads relies on fantastic volunteers to run their programs. Meet Elizabeth Marshall!

Confident readers get their start with a little support from Calgary Reads, and from incredible volunteers like Elizabeth Marshall.

Calgary Reads offers two school-based volunteer reading and tutor programs for young children. And we need your help. Each program relies on volunteers to make them successful.

All of our volunteers are passionate, talented individuals who graciously lend their time to help struggling readers, and to inspire young children to begin a life-long joyful relationship with reading. We’re proud to highlight one superstar volunteer – Elizabeth Marshall!

Elizabeth Marshall has been an Alberta Reads Network reading tutor for a period that spans fifteen years and two schools. She was nominated for a Stars of Alberta Volunteer Award in 2015, as she demonstrates exemplary initiative, leadership, and creativity in her service to others, inspires others to volunteer service, and improves the overall quality of life of fellow Albertans and her community.

In her role she is an exceptional literacy advocate; a champion for young children who steps up, builds the reading skills and confidence of first and second graders entrusted to her, and knowledgeably implements, adapts and complements the Alberta Reads Network programming. Elizabeth’s enthusiasm for her volunteer role and for her reading buddies has enhanced school culture and provided inspiration to other volunteers and staff.

Elizabeth’s impact is such that she stands out as a unique and inspiring individual in our organization. There have been a few thousand Calgary Reads tutors since 2001, but only one Elizabeth Marshall!! She is one of more than 1000 volunteers each year who give their time to impact a child’s reading journey. We are so grateful to each of them.

You can also become a volunteer like Elizabeth! Join us and give the gift of reading. Discover our in-school programs:

wee read

  • This program is focused on getting kindergarten and grade one students excited about reading. It’s a great place for first-time volunteers to start. Volunteers receive training and usually commit to one 30-minute session each week for eight weeks during the school year.

Make a difference one book at time!

Read Up!

  • Our signature in-school tutoring program helps struggling readers in grades one and two strengthen their reading skills at a critical time in their cognitive development. Volunteers receive advanced training and commit to two 45-minute sessions each week for total of about 40 sessions. See how you can help children achieve their full potential.


See how you can contribute to improving outcomes for children that struggle to read by volunteering as an Alberta Reads Network tutor!

Complete our volunteer application form, and discover our full list of volunteer opportunities here.