We All Have A Role To Play

Blog We All Have A Role To Play

Guest Blogger Blythe Butler, The First 2000 Days Network

Given the recent events in the US we wanted to send a note to our community and acknowledge the importance of defending the ethical treatment of children in our society.  The US ‘zero tolerance’ policy, which was changed yesterday, reminds us that our human rights are indeed fragile as they depend on individual and collective judgments about how – and if – those rights are maintained.

We encourage all of you to reflect on your own work today and honour the parents, caregivers and children you work with by acknowledging their basic human dignity. It is especially poignant today, our National Indigenous Peoples Day, as we face the reality that in our country 60% of First Nation children on reserve live in poverty and for over 100 years, Indigenous children were removed from their families and put in residential schools. We are not immune to ignorance and error.

In light of our history, we reflect on the following statement from Justice Murray Sinclair: “Reconciliation is about forging and maintaining respectful relationships. There are no shortcuts.”  As a starting point on that journey we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the 94 recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

We all have a role to play supporting parents and children, and continuously striving for a society that gets better every day at supporting healthy development of all people, within healthy communities, in a healthy natural environment.

Social change is never done, it is a journey of continuous striving for ever-increasing standards of ethical capacity within ourselves, our organizations, institutions and society as a whole. It is a multi-generational journey, and we are all responsible for its trajectory.

On we go.