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Every child deserves the chance to read with confidence and joy. Calgary Reads and the Alberta Reads Network make it happen.

“We want every child to have the gift of reading and are committed to expanding opportunities for children to read, learn and grow.”

Steacy Collyer
Founder and Executive Director

What do we do?

We improve children’s lives by helping them become confident, joyful readers. Working closely with parents, teachers, and communities, we inspire children’s love of reading with our Children’s Reading Place, free books, resources, and school programs.

1 in  4

Canadian children

start school already behind their peers in literacy and language skills


How can you help?

Give the gift of reading by helping a child become a confident reader. There are many ways to contribute: by volunteering your time, donating books or money, or simply reading in your own home or community.

Need help getting children to read?

Discover practical tips and ideas to encourage young readers at home, at school and in the community. We have all the resources you need to get started.


The number of books we distributed to children through the Children’s Reading Place, Calgary Food Bank and other family-serving agencies during 2018-2019.


The number of days from birth to age six when children experience critical, rapid brain development.

“Literacy blooms wherever students have access to books they want to read, permission to choose their own and time to get lost in them.”

Nancie Atwell, Educator
Founder, Center for Teaching and Learning

Go on a tour of the Little Free Libraries in Inglewood this summer!

Are you a fan of Little Free Libraries?

 Do you regularly take – or leave – a book at the little wooden houses in our neighbourhoods?
Download our map featuring the Free Little Libraries in Inglewood and bike or stroll to discover them all!

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